The official documentation for the translation features available on JakeBot.
Important: This documentation is a work in progress, so if you see anything that needs to be changed or something that's missing. Please tell us on our support server.

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Try the AI search engine, go to search in the top right. Enter your question as you would ask a person and tap enter or the "Search Lens" button. It may be able to answer your question quickly and effectively! Otherwise, join the support server, also available at the top or under "View Links".

Who is JakeBot?

JakeBot is perfect for a highly multilingual server, with its advanced and super easy-to-use automatic translation systems. You can modify almost everything to your needs, including diverting results to different channels, what style results are in, what roles/members are affected by the translation and more!
You can get up to 800 free characters per upvote with several upvoting websites available. The free tier offers 6000 characters per month
Discord Message Commands also allow any user to privately translate a message into a language of their choice. Or premium subscribers can enable a reaction-based translation system that will translate a message into the language spoken by the country whose flag was reacted.

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get set up quickly.
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