Diverting Results and "All Except" System

Want to translate in all channel except a couple, or you want translations in one channel to be sent to another? This is how!

Diverting Results

Important: You cannot create more than 6 diversions.

Diverting results are set up through the edit menu, or the new setup command, as shown previously. Diversions work by taking the results from one setup in a channel and sending them to a different channel. If you have several languages going into one channel they will be combined into one message. Any styles applied for automatic translation will also apply to diversions.

Currently, if you wanted to divert results somewhere and also send them into the original channel, you would have to create two setups.

All Channels Except

If you wanted to translate in all channels except a certain few, then that is also possible!

When creating a translation if you set "affects_all" to true, the remaining 10 channel fields serve a different use. Any channels entered into those fields will be the "exception" to the translate in all channels rule. So if you set "affects_all" to true but entered "#general" into "channel1", messages would get translated in every channel EXCEPT #general.

In the edit menu, it works a bit differently as it's message-based inputs. You can specify "all" to make a translation affect all channels, and then you specify any channels you'd like to be an exception after that, separating with commas. Eg, "all, #general" would result in messages getting translated in every channel except general again.

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