Basic Slash Commands

The basic translation commands broken down.

/translate [Language] [Text to Translate]

This allows you to quickly translate text into a different language, there is a list of suggested languages based on what you type for you to pick from to help reduce issues with incorrect languages. Noteworthy is that no matter if you are using Google Translate or Microsoft Translate, this command can access every single one of the 150+ languages the bot can translate, for free!

/settings automatic_translation new [name] [language_from] [language_to]

We'll get into this more in a later section. But this command allows you to quickly and easily create a new Automatic Translation setup


View all the languages the bot can translate written in both the native language and English. It also shows the international language code for quick reference. As well as what languages are only available with Google (premium). By default, the response from this is only visible to you.

/your_language [language]

Use this to tell Jake what your chosen spoken language is, this can then be instantly translated to using To Your Language in the Message Command Menu (see the next page for more details)

/settings help

This gives you a breakdown of the entire Automatic Translation system's commands, useful for a quick reference in a more digestible form than Discord's slash command interface.


This shows you how many characters your server has used this month, as well as estimated character usage for the entire month, among several other useful bits of info. By default, the response from this is only visible to you.

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