Bonus Characters, from Purchase or Upvoting

Need more translation characters? Or have you bought some and are not sure how to redeem them?

The Dashboard

/reward dashboard

This is where you can view all your upvote tokens and the current number of bonus characters in your account. As well as a reminder of the commands you need to use with the system. I will go over the two ways of getting bonus characters below

Via Upvoting

You can get up to 800 characters per upvote, depending on the website you upvote on. or Discord Bot List. Each time you upvote you gain 1 upvote token, you can redeem these using /reward redeem_upvotes, each time you redeem a token you will get a random amount of characters between 300 and 800.

Via Purchase

You are now able to buy bonus characters if you just need that little top-up but don't want to commit to buying a Patreon package. If this is your first purchase of top-up characters you will need to tell Jake some information to get your account and purchase linked.

Once you have bought a package you will be emailed a receipt. Run the /reward redeem_bonus command, this will ask for your email and order number. Make sure you enter the email you used to purchase the characters, and then the order number should be at the top of the email you received, then just enter both of these into the box that popped up and all should be good!

Any issues redeeming characters you've bought please join the support server as soon as possible!


/reward allocate [amount] [server]

Once you've got all your bonus characters you just need to allocate them with the command above, if you don't specify any options it will automatically allocate all characters to the server you are typing the command in. Please be aware that once characters are allocated in most cases we are unable to remove them from the server and give them back to you. So be careful!

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