Quick Command Reference

Just want to know what all the commands do in less detail, this is your page!

Automatic Translation Setups

New Setup

/settings automatic_translation new [name] [language_from] [language_to] This command allows you to quickly and easily create a new Automatic Translation setup.

Edit Setup

/settings automatic_translation edit [setup] Edit any detail of the translations you have already created! Run without any options to edit everything.

View Setup

/settings automatic_translation view [name] View details on a specific Auto Translation setup

List All

/settings automatic_translation list View basic details on all existing Auto Translation setups

Automatic Translation Settings

Character Limit

/settings automatic_translation character_limit [limit] Set the maximum number of characters to be automatically translated. Any messages longer than this will be cut off with an ellipsis.


/settings translator [choice] Select whether you want to use Google Translate, Microsoft Translate or DeepL. Google Translate and DeepL are only available to premium users.



/patreon dashboard This shows you all the information regarding your Patreon tier.

Upgrade Server

/patreon upgrade [server] This can be used to upgrade a server you want to have your premium tier. You can specify the server (ID Recommend, listed in the dashboard) but running it in a server will upgrade it.

Downgrade Server

/patreon downgrade [server] This can be used to downgrade a server you no longer want to have your premium tier. You can specify the server (ID Recommend, listed in the dashboard) but running it in an upgraded server will downgrade that server.


/patreon reassign This will send a new unique link to allow you to change the Patreon profile that's attached to your JakeBot profile, for example, if you don't use your old Patreon account anymore.

Upvoting & Bonus Characters


/reward dashboard View details regarding your upvote status, upvote tokens and bonus characters.

Redeem Bonus Character Package

/reward redeem_bonus Redeem Bonus character packages bought on the website! Opens a second screen to enter details.

Redeem Upvote Tokens

/reward redeem_upvotes [token_amount] Redeem 1 or more Upvote Tokens for a reward. Specify "all" to redeem all of them, this is the default

Allocate Characters

/reward allocate [amount] [server] Allocate 1 or more of your bonus characters to a server of your choosing! Specify "all" to allocate all of them, this is the default. Run the command in the server you want to send them to, to quickly send characters.

Global Blacklist

List All

/settings global_blacklist list View all the words on the global blacklist

Add Words

/settings global_blacklist add [word] Add a new phrase to the global blacklist, items in this list will only avoid translation when sent on their own

Remove Words

/settings global_blacklist remove [word] Remove a word from the global blacklist, a suggestion list of the words in the blacklist is provided.


View Options

/settings2 style view_options View the various style options, or view them here.

Set Automatic Style

/settings2 style automatic_set [option] Update the style of the results from an automatic translation

Set Command Style

/settings2 style command_set [option] Update the style of the results from a command translation

Set Reaction Style

/settings2 style reaction_set [option] Update the style of the results from a reaction translation

Match Styles

/settings2 style match_styles [this] [with_this] [and_this] Match one style with another, or both.


View Options

/settings2 extras view_options View all the extra features available

Enable Extra

/settings2 extras enable [feature] Enable an extra feature from the list

Disable Extra

/settings2 extras disable [feature] Disable a feature from the list

Message Commands

See here for information on these.

Quick Translate

This allows you to quickly translate to any language of your choosing, running it will open a menu where you can enter a language code or language name to quickly get the resulting translation!

To English

As the name implies, it will instantly and privately translate the message interacted with into English!

To Spanish

Similar to "To English" it will instantly and privately translate the message interacted with into Spanish!

To Your Language

Set whatever language you would like with /your_language. This button will then translate to it, once again privately.


Set Your Language

/your_language [language] Use this to tell Jake what your chosen spoken language is, this can then be instantly translated to using To Your Language.


/translate [Language] [Text to Translate] This allows you to quickly translate text into a different language.


/languages View all the languages the bot can translate written in both the native language and English. It also shows the international language code for quick reference.

Translation Usage

/translation_usage This shows you how many characters your server has used this month, as well as estimated character usage for the entire month, among several other useful bits of info.

Settings Help

/settings help This gives you a breakdown of the entire Automatic Translation system's commands, useful as a quick reference.

Old Settings

/old_settings The old entirely button-based settings menu that was retired on 16/07/2023 in favour of the new slash-based system.

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