Global Blacklist

Are some messages being translated that you'd rather not be? This is your solution!


Not to be confused with the other blacklist system which works per setup and is designed to block messages from being translated if they contain a word in the system. This is designed to prevent words or phrases from being translated only if they show up alone.

So for example if you put the phrase "this is a test" into the system. The message "This is a test to show x and y" would still get translated, but the message "This is a test" would not.


List Everything in the Blacklist

/settings global_blacklist list

This shows you all the words and phrases previously appended to the blacklist

Add a word to the Blacklist

/settings global_blacklist add [word]

This can be used to add a new word or phrase to the blacklist

Remove a word from the Blacklist

/settings global_blacklist remove [word]

This can be used to remove a word from the blacklist, a list of everything currently in the blacklist will be shown.

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