Editing your Setups

Situations changed or you made a mistake? Well luckily its quick and easily to change everything on whatever setup you choose.

Initial Command

Hint: If you'd like to skip the prompt that asks whether you'd like your edits to affect the setups pair, you can specify your decision with "affect_pair" before you send the command.

/settings automatic_translation edit [name]

From the command you can quickly change a select few settings without having to go into the button menu itself, these are:

  • The Name (Max 32 Characters)

  • From Language (What language messages have to be in to get translated)

  • To Language (The languages messages get translated into)

  • Status (Whether the setup is enabled or disabled)

Everything else has to be edited in the button menu. Which can be accessed by ignoring the quick options and just sending the command.

Button Menu

This menu is relatively straightforward to use, simply click the button of the corresponding item you'd like to modify and follow the instructions, although I shall break down the process for each item here.

Important: Try not to take too long in any of the menus, whether you are expected to type something or press a button as they will all eventually time out.


Upon clicking the button you will be prompted to enter a new title, simply send a new message and if it's below 32 characters it shall be accepted and you will be kicked back to the previous menu.


Upon clicking you will be greeted with 3 more buttons, "From Language", "To Language" and Back. Simply select whichever button corresponds to the language you'd like to change. After that, you will be prompted to enter the new language.


Clicking that does not bring up a menu as it instantly does what it says on the button (the button will show enable when the setup is disabled and disable when it is enabled). This is the third and final way of disabling a setup. See the other 2 methods on the previous page.


This will ask you whether or not you would like to Add or Remove channels. Upon selecting one you will need to specify the channels you would like to add or remove. Do this by typing them separating each one with a comma. Eg #general, #commands, #notices. To add or remove all channels, specify "all" in the channel dialogue. View advanced features.


Upon entering the menu, it will ask whether or not you'd like to add or remove from the whitelist. The same as the Channels menu. Upon selecting an option simply specify the roles, separated by commas, to add/remove. (Members can also be specified if desired).


Almost identical to the last 2 options, you are first asked if you want to add or remove. After which you specify the words of your choice to be added to the blacklist separated by commas. View this page to find out what this blacklist does.


Diversions will be explained more in the advanced section. But were you to add any, they'd be done through this menu which operates identically to the Channels menu.

Press exit when you are done to remove the messages.

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