Create your first Automatic Translation setup

Tired of constantly typing out the translate command? Get Jake to do all the work for you with just 1 simple command.

Base Command

Warning: Make sure you have the "Manage Server" permission, otherwise you won't be able to see any of the commands! (Required permissions can be changed in the Discord settings)

/settings automatic_translation new [name] [language_from] [language_to]

First, you will need to enter the name for this translation setup, think something like "To Spanish in General", or "All to EN in General" and make sure it's less than 32 characters!

Hint: The bot can automatically translate TO any of the 150+ languages in the list, however, make sure the language you are translating FROM is part of the Translator you are using with /languages

Then specify what language messages have to be in to get translated, you can specify "all" here if desired

Then specify what language you'd like those messages to be translated to, you cannot specify "all" here I'm afraid.

This is all you are required to enter, it will translate everything in the language you specified sent in the channel you ran the command in. But a lot of people may want to customise things a bit more than that!

Extra Customizability

You may notice that there are a lot more options available beyond the required 3, 18 more in fact! But not to worry, a lot of them are duplicates so it's not as complicated as it first may seem.

The first option, affects_all_channels will make the setup translate messages sent to every single channel in the server, this is further customisable as is discussed later in advanced features. Beyond that there are options for channels 1-8, if you don't want this setup to just function in the channel you ran the command in you can specify up to 8 channels or categories for it to run in here.

Hint: If you need to add more than 8 channels, you can add them in the edit menu afterwards.

to_channel1-4 is used to redirect the results from this setup to a different channel. If you'd like to add more than 4 redirections you can do so from the edit menu.

permitted_role1-5 is used to specify roles that are affected by this setup, for example, if you had a role called "Spanish" and selected this role on this setup, only people with that role would get their messages translated. It can help to reduce accidental translations.

word_blacklist is a list of words that if detected would result in the entire message not getting translated. For example, if you entered "lol", a message such as "that's so funny lol" would not get translated.

create_paircreates an identical setup with language_to and language_from reversed, so if you had Spanish to English, and enabled this setting, a second setup with English to Spanish would be created with everything else the same, and when editing you can choose for any changes made to one to impact the other.

Send the Command!

Once everything is as you'd like, it's as simple as pressing enter. Your new setup shall be created and should start working instantly!

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