Setting up Premium in my Server

So you've got your brand new tier, now how to start using it?

It starts with a command

First run /patreon dashboard. This will either pop up with an embed showing you lots of information (if it does you can move on to the next step), or most likely a message will appear asking you to allow Jake to view some account details with a custom link. This is needed so Jake can check what tier you have. Simply click on that link and follow the instructions within 5 minutes and you should be greeted with a screen on JakeBot's website, if it isn't a success screen it should tell you what the issue is. If it is, you are ready to move on!

Telling Jake what server(s) to upgrade

Now you've got that embed, you can see it shows you what tier you have and various information regarding that. It will also show you how many server upgrades you have remaining, and the servers you have already upgraded, which is probably none.

All you have to do is run /patreon upgrade [server]. To upgrade the server of your choice, whilst you can specify the server using its ID or name, I'd recommend you simply run the command in the server you'd like to upgrade as it will upgrade that server. You can then repeat this for as many servers in the tier.


There are sometimes issues with these systems as they rely on a lot of different "moving" parts. So if you can't get your upgrade working correctly, please join the support server as soon as possible and we can help you.

Unless you're requesting a refund I ask you not to send messages on Patreon as they rarely get checked, and are quite inconvenient.

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