Viewing, deleting and disabling.

See above.

View all setups

/settings automatic_translation list

Running this will display a multipage embed with a brief overview of all the setups you have created

View Complete Details on One Setup

/settings automatic_translation view [setup]

Use this to view one setup in a lot more detail. This shows you all the channels it's running in, any diversions, blacklisted words etcetera.

Delete (or disable) a Setup

/settings automatic_translation delete [setup] (action)

Using this you can delete or disable a setup, by default it will delete whatever setup you select. But under extra options, there is an action selection, and in that, you can select "Disable" to simply disable the specified setup. You can also tell it to delete the other half of a paired setup.

Alternate way to disable a setup

/settings automatic_translation edit [setup] (status)

This is simply an alternate way to disable a setup, we will go into more detail on the edit menu in the next section.

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